Access Services

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Access Services

Key Shop hours of operation:

Starting June 3, 2013:
Monday 8:00am - 11:00am
Tuesday - Friday 12:30pm - 2:30pm

Hard keys may now be returned to Access Services after hours using the After Hours Key Drop Box. The box is located at Access Services (building #3) next to Facilities Management. Please follow the instructions on the box to return your key(s) and retain the envelope tab as your receipt. Questions may be directed to ext 3051 or 2336.

Building Access Policy

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: This policy establishes guidelines for facilitating access to campus buildings at the Colorado School of Mines.

Building Access Request Form: Online form used to request Building and/or room access using hard keys or a BlasterCard.

Lost or Stolen Key Report Form: Online form to report lost or stolen keys.

Hard Key Extension Form: Online form used to request permission to hold hard keys after graduation form has been signed.

Day Access Request: Online form used to request day only key check out. These keys can be requested for an extended amount of time, but must be returned by 4:00pm every day.

Facilities Management Access Services maintains access hardware and keys. Please take Access Request form and your BlasterCard to the key shop during operating hours to pick up hard keys. Key shop is located at 1318 Maple St. Building 3 (west of main Facilities Management offices).

Other BlasterCard services (including the cards themselves) are available from the Campus Living Office in Elm Hall, 1795 Elm Street (west entrance). Call (303) 869-5433 for more details.

Please call 303.384.2336 for additional questions and concerns.

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