Graduate Student Cost of Attendance

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Graduate Student Estimated Cost of Attendance 2016-2017



Colorado Resident

Out-of-State Student







Room and Board



Books and Supplies



Miscellaneous Expenses









Per Credit Hour**



 *The allowance for fees is based on the mandatory fees charged to all students, and does not include such fees as orientation, library fees, yearbook, refrigerator rental, voice messaging, etc.

**For a charge-per-credit breakdown, access the Graduate portion of the Tuition and Fee Schedule

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Chart rate based on graduate credit hours of 9-15 credits per semester.  Graduate students registered for 1-4.0 credits will be assessed charges of $3050.25 for Colorado residents and $6,622 for non-residents; students registered for 4.5-8.5 credits will be assessed the base rate of $3,050.25 + $871.50 per credit surcharge for Colorado residents and the base rate of $6,366.50 + $1,819 per credit surcharge for non-residents.  Graduate students registered for more than 15 credits will be assessed the 9-15 credit charge in the above listed chart plus the per credit surcharge for each additional credit.

At less than six credit hours, you may be ineligible for financial aid.

Books and supplies and miscellaneous personal expenses are also based on current surveys of students and represent average expenses.

Notify the Financial Aid Office in writing to request a review if you anticipate expenses different from the CSM allowances. Submit an estimated budget to support the review.



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