CCIT Computer Labs and Podiums

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CCIT Computer Labs and Podiums


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Campus Computing manages open computer labs and computer teaching labs in several locations on campus. Open computer labs cannot be reserved for teaching classes - they are available to students for general use during all open hours. Some computer teaching labs managed by CCIT are designated for primary use by certain programs such as EPICS and the LAIS Writing Program. General computer teaching labs in the CTLM are open for general use when they are not reserved for class. A standard operating system configuration and suite of software is installed on all computers in CCIT labs. Some labs or systems have additional applications installed as noted. Additional software will typically not be installed during the academic year. See the special use PC Labs Software Installation policy for further information.

Computer Labs and Podiums by Building

Alderson Hall

Arthur Lakes Library

Berthoud Hall

Brown Building

Chauvenet Hall

Coolbaugh Hall

CTLM (Computer Commons)

Engineering Annex

Engineering Hall

Green Center

Guggenheim Hall

Hill Hall

Meyer Hall

Marquez Hall

Stratton Hall

Video Conferencing

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