Fire and Life Safety

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Fire and Life Safety

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Building Evacuation Plans

Fire System Impairment Process

Fire is one of the leading causes of accidental death on college campuses. The Environmental Health and Safety Department is committed to assuring that the CSM Campus remains as free from fire-related hazards as possible. Each year experienced EHS personnel and members of the University Safety Committee tour campus buildings to identify and correct any deficiencies in equipment or procedures that could compromise the safety of persons at the School. Fire Safety is a major focus of these inspections.

Evacuation exercises are conducted each year in buildings with alarm systems. These drills are primarily intended to evaluate the effectiveness of alarm systems in alerting building occupants to evacuate. The EHS Department also investigates campus fire alarms and serves as the School's liaison with the Golden Fire Department.

Annual training sessions are held for key campus personnel on such topics as Fire Prevention, Resident Responsibilities in Maintaining the Effectiveness of Building Fire Systems and the Use of Fire Extinguishers. CSM EHS staff is available to consult with members of the Mines Community concerning fire code requirements for research work or any other question relating to fire safety.

Resident Advisor Safety Training (Mandatory)

At the beginning of each semester, Student Life provides training for Resident Advisors concerning management of emergency incidents. This includes instruction concerning operation of alarm systems, building evacuation procedures and coordination with police and fire authorities.

Emergency Evacuation Drills (Mandatory)

In accordance with the International Building Code, EHS conducts emergency evacuation drills in campus buildings each semester. Participation in evacuation drills by all building occupants is required.

First Aid/AED/CPR Training

The EHS Department will arrange for First Aid, AED and CPR Training to students and employees upon request.

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