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Welcome to HPC@Mines

The information provided below covers many of the common questions when running on our HPC systems. The page will be expanded and reformatted to fit within the school's standards in the next few weeks.

How can I get help?
I am new to linux. Help!
Show me some local HPC tutorials!
How do I connect?
Show me some Power8 and GPU examples!
Show me some Machine Learning examples!
Show me some Intel Phi examples!
How do I get an account?
How do I do a simple build and run?
What is the Machine Status?
What HPC platforms do we have?
Who owns nodes on Mio?
What is High Performance Computing (HPC)?
How do I use the file system?
How do I run?
I want to run complex scripts. Any advice?
What prebuilt apps and libs do we have? (The Module System)
What are other people doing?
Tell me about SC!
How can I run better?
How do I select MY nodes?
How do I build applications?
How do I manage jobs?
What information is sent to new users?
Less Frequently Asked Questions
How do I see scratch usage?
Show me an archive of past emails sent to users?
Where are the old links?

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