Student Groups

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Student Groups

American Water Works Association / Water Environment FederatioN (AWWA/WEF)


The goal of the AWWA/WEF student chapter is to provide an avenue for the exchange of information and ideas through networking and mentoring, as well as foster academic excellence and leadership. We enable students to explore the water treatment profession, learn sectors where young engineers are needed, understand the direction of technology and applications, apply technical skills to solving real world problems, get involved in local water issues, and network with water professionals. This is accomplished through organized student seminars, technical tours, and volunteer events.

Student Committee for Civil & Environmental Engineers (SCCEE)

The Student Committee for Civil and Environmental Engineers (SCCEE) is a group composed of graduate students in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department. The primary purpose of SCCEE is to facilitate and encourage interdepartmental activities, collaboration, and unity between graduate students. To accomplish this, SCCEE organizes and participates in various activities throughout the year. These activities include organizing the departmental winter celebration party, end of the year party, and other events to enhance the Civil and Environmental Engineering community (camping trips, bbqs, etc). In addition, the committee is active during faculty searches and departmental awards, gathering student feedback and presenting it to faculty. Members also interact with the Graduate Student Government (GSG) by providing student feedback.

How to Join:
All SCCEE members and positions are voluntary. New SCCEE members typically join approximately one month before the end of the school year. Officer positions include President, Vice President, Treasurer, and other positions that the committee sees fit. If you are interested in joining, email Kim Manago ( Members of SCCEE have a term of 1 year.

Current SCCEE Members:
Ariel Esposito
Kerri Hickenbottom
Zack Jones (Past-President)
Kim Manago (President)


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