Controller's Office Staff Directory

Controller's Office
1500 Illinois St, Golden, CO 80401
Guggenheim 224
Phone: (303) 273-3166
Fax: (303) 273-3278

Roger A. Cusworth
(303) 273-3109

Kim Holmes
Administrative Assistant
(303) 273-3166

  • General controller's office inquiries.
  • Administrative Assistant to the Controller


General Accounting

Tressa Constantineau Ries
Deputy Controller
(303) 273-3262

  • General departmental accounting questions

Sharon Schwab
Accounts Manager
(303) 273-3272

Jaime Han
Sales Tax Accountant
(303) 384-2304

Matt Roach
Plant Fund Accountant
(303) 273-3679

  • Capital projects and related transfer entries including fabricated equipment

Kwang Cho
Senior Accountant
(303) 273-3448

  • Responsible for Chart of Account maintenance, CSM Endowment accounting, and general Banner Finance training & support

Ann Hourihan
Grant Accountant ISSV
(303) 273-3985

Bill Bowen
Accounting Manager
(303) 273-3217

  • Accounts Payable, Travel, Credit Cards, T.E.M., Redistributions

Cathy Daniels
(303) 273-3264

  • Inquiries related to credit cards (P Card, One Card, Event Card, CSM Travel Card), wire transfers, credit card allocations in T.E.M. (Travel & Expense Management System)

Claudia Cable-Cole
(303) 384-2467

  • Inquiries related to all vendor payments


Christine Stuart Tolford
(303) 273-3274

  • Inquiries related to all travel reimbursements including processing in T.E.M. (Travel & Expense Management System) and the Ghost Card allocations with the travel agencies



Michelle Barta
(303) 273-3410

  • Cash receipts, Petty cash, Change fund, Cash box, Student tuition and fee contracts

Maxine Castillo
Student Loan Officer
(303) 273-3299

Leila Ekbatani
Staff Accountant
(303) 384-2144

Kevin Bratcher
(303) 273-3298


Financial Data Management

Mark Jones
Financial Data Manager
(303) 273-3468

  • Banner system maintenance, IDC calculation, Banner Access requests, E-prints and Financial Reports

Mane Poghosyan
Financial Systems Specialist
(303) 273-3976


Janice Lander
Payroll Operations Manager
(303) 273-3266

  • Payroll including pay discrepancies, deductions, taxes, timesheets

Suzanne Bratcher
Lead Payroll Specialist
(303) 273-3251

  • Inquiries related to all payroll transactions

Cynthia Kerr
Payroll Operations Technician
(303) 384-2427

Michelle Wareham
Payroll Operations Technician
(303) 273-3565




For website questions, please contact Mark Jones

Controller's Office

1500 Illinois St.
Guggenheim 224
Golden, CO 80401

Roger A. Cusworth, CPA
(303) 273-3109

Kim Holmes
Administrative Assistant
(303) 273-3166

What's new

Appropriateness of Expenditure Form

Summary of July 1, 2016 Policy Changes

Banner Index Codes

In an effort to continually heighten financial efficiency throughout the CSM community, the Controller's Office has implemented a new 'shortcut' number for your financial accounts.

For more information on the new Banner Index Codes please read the following document: Banner Index Codes.


   ** UPDATED **

Indirect Cost Return Distribution Procedure

The Controller’s Office has implemented a new Indirect Cost Return distribution procedure that all research centers and departments must follow. The procedure manual and distribution worksheet are provided for your reference below:

Indirect Cost Return Distribution Procedure Manual

Indirect Cost Return Distribution Worksheet

(Updated 10/09/15)