Welcome to the Colorado Institute for Energy, Materials and Computational Science or CIEMACS. CIEMACS is an interdisciplinary research center at CSM with a focus on problems at the nexus of energy, materials, and scientific computing. CIEMACS maintains a shared facilities laboratory in Alderson Hall 463 for its members and these tools can also be made available to the campus and the public. CIEMACS supports a technician, Mark Graas, who maintains this space and provides appropriate user training. On the tabs above you can get a quick summary of the major tools available as well as links to the homepages of the faculty who are affiliated with the Center.  We would love to help support your next research project. For more information on working with the Center please contact me and for inquiries on facility use please contact Mark directly.

Wolden                                                                        Wolden
Colin Wolden                                                                              Mark Graas
CIEMACS Director                                                                    CIEMACS Facilities Manager
Email: cwolden@mines.edu                                                     Email: mgraas@mines.edu
Phone: 303-273-3544                                                               Phone: 720-985-4072