Course Overview

A study of the bonding in simple organic and inorganic molecules. The course begins with a derivation of the secular equations and the secular determinant from the linear variation method. Next is a treatment of the simple Huckel molecular orbital theory for pi-electrons in organic hydro carbons. After this, the basics of Group Theory are developed to provide a basis of understanding of character tables. These are then used for obtain ing the molecular orbitals of chemical species. Ligand field theory is then examined to see how symmetry aids in obtaining the energies of the "d" electrons in transition metal complexes. The course ends with a look at the various approaches to chemical computation using the computer.

Homework assignments involve chemical computations at the computer using various software packages. There is also a semester team-project requiring more detailed work on a specific topic. This project requires library research, experiments at the computer, and a written final report. It does not involve writing code.

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