Main Plaza
From the North Platform
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Monte Albán's Main Plaza seen from the North Platform with the Patio Hundido in the foreground.

During Monte Albán II the Main Plaza begins to assume somewhat the appearance of the photograph. The area (some 300 X 180 m) was leveled and paved with white stucco. Higher portions of the limestone bedrock projecting above the floor of the plaza were used as the nuclei for the buildings along the central structures (G, H, I) , the east side (Structures U, P, Q and S) and the west side (System IV including Structure K, Structure L and System M including Structure M). The use of natural outcrops as nuclei possibly explains the asymmetry of the layout of the structures. The central structures is located about two-thirds of the way between the major structures (K, L, M) of west side and east side of the plaza. The presence of courtyard configurations ( System IV and System M respectively) associated with Structure K and Structure M serves to compensate for this asymmetry.

The South Platform with stone carvings from the Monte Albán III phase embedded in it's corners closes the south end of the plaza.

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