The logo is the head of the central figure appearing on Stella 7 at Monte Albán. The figures are believed to represent high-status visitors from Teotihuacán because of their headdress. The stella dates to Monte Allbán IIIA(A.D. 300-500) (See Marcus '80.)

Origonally, located at the southwest corner of the South Platform in the Main Plaza, the stella is now in the museum at Monte Albán.

Technical information.

The background is an example of one of 320 carved stone monuments dating from Monte Albán I (500-200 B. C.) and II (200 B. C. - A. D. 300) origionally located in the Gallery of the Danzantes between Structures M and L at the southwest corner of the Main Plaza.

These figures, commmonly called 'Danzantes' because of their superficial resemblance to dancing figures, are now generally believed to be images of slain and mutilated captives. Note the image of genital mutilation on the example.

This example is now located in the museum at Monte Albán

Technical information.

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