Ekholm, Gordon F., 1946
"Wheeled toys in Mexico," American Antiquity 11(4):223- 228. [491]

Description of all known (1946) examples of Mesoamerican wheeled toys -about 6-to-12 -with photos. Critical discussion of provenience (lack of knowledge) and correctness of identification as "wheeled toy" -(not completely certain). Very insightful discussion of why "invention" of wheel did not lead to "innovation" in transport technology. Rejects explanation from lack of draft animals, unsuitable terrain/floral conditions. Settles on "inherent conservatism with respect to material culture" (cf. Holser, 1988 for similar point regarding utilitarian use of metal). Suggests spindle whorls led to invention of wheel -cross fertilization of technologies. Mentions difficulties of moving from invention to innovation. A must article -raises important general issues with respect to a concrete example. See Lister, 1947.