Photo of Phillips Verner Bradford

Phillips Verner Bradford

  • Engineering
  • Colorado School of Mines
    Golden, CO 80401


  • Sc.D., 1968, Columbia University, New York NY
  • M.E.E., 1964, University of Virginia, Charlottesville VA
  • B.E.S., 1962, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore MD


  • Geometric and visual methods of solving engineering equations.
  • Geometric Synthesis of Electrical Circuits:
  • Geometric Visualizations:
  • Visualizing Parallel Resistors, with Applet
  • Visualizing Resistors in Parallel with Reactances in the Z-plane (parallel phasors), with Applet
  • Visualizing Parallel Reactances in the Z-plane.
  • Geometric Method of solving the First Order High Pass Filter.
  • Geometric Circuit Synthesis in the Z-plane:
  • LC Circuit for matching transmission lines. An example.
  • Visualizing solutions to n-th degree algebraic equations using right-angle geometric paths.


  • EGGN250(MEL-1) Multidisciplinary Engineering Laboratory 1.
  • EGGN350(MEL-2) Multidisciplinary Engineering Laboratory 2 (Fluids & Strengths).


  • Peer Reviewed Publications in Technology Transfer; available on request.
  • Patents, where the specifications and claims were written in my capacity as a Patent Agent, Reg. # 30,030. Patent list available on request
  • 2 Successful Trade Books; "Ota Benga" and the "Ametek Solar Energy Handbook".
  • Technical Publications in Solar Energy; available on request.
  • Many Publications regarding investments, business, and economics; available on request.
  • Many Professional and Peer Reviewed Publications in Antenna Engineering and Plasma Physics; Available on Request.