Colorado School of Mines

Personal Home Page Policy

Creation of a personal web page on Colorado School of Mines ("Mines") servers and publication of web pages through the campus network is a privilege that requires adherence to Mines computer-usage policies. As a condition of publishing web pages via any Mines computing or network resource, we may require the removal or modification of material which is in conflict with the standards and guidelines in Mines policies. If you wish to publish material that does not meet Mines standards, you should contract with a commercial Internet Service Provider.

The Colorado School of Mines is not responsible for any material that is published on, or may be reached via links from, personal home pages within the Mines.EDU domain, nor is it responsible for any use that is made of personal home page material, or material reached via personal home pages. Individuals are responsible for maintaining their personal web pages, and are responsible for content, errors, or omissions in them.

Each individual must provide a suitably labeled link from their home page to the official CSM disclaimer pertaining to personal home pages located at


Note: Pages created with the Personal Homepage Creation Tool have a link to this disclaimer automatically inserted at the bottom of the page.

The appropriateness of material made available via a home page will be judged by the application of standards applicable to the Mines community. The administration of Colorado School of Mines is the final authority on inappropriate material. Inappropriate material includes but is not limited to:

  1. any material intended for business use or to generate personal financial gain
  3. commercial advertising of any kind, including banner ads in exchange for free services such as web counters
  5. any information that violates Mines policies, software licensing agreements, contractual agreements, copyright, or any local, state or federal law
  7. information that could be used to compromise the security or availability of Mines resources
  9. information that teaches or demonstrates to others how to compromise security
  11. material that provides information about how to commit any criminal or illegal act
  13. information that compromises the personal privacy of other people
  15. material that may be deemed offensive as judged by the Mines administration
  17. any misleading labeling of material or links
  19. the portrayal of any material as officially representing or sanctioned by Mines without proper authorization
Disk space for personal home pages is limited. Pages are monitored periodically. If your files are found to consume excessive disk space or access to your pages causes excessive network activity, a staff member from the Mines Computing, Communications, and Information Technology (CCIT) department will contact you to determine the appropriate course of action. In all cases, however, we will take concrete steps to protect resources and the rights of other users. If your personal home page becomes inactive, as determined by Mines, it will be removed.

Penalties: Intentional, repeated, or egregious violations of these policies will result in the loss of your personal home page. If appropriate, sanctions or disciplinary action may be imposed as provided for in the Computing & Networking Resource and Responsible Use Policies and Guidelines.

Policies last revised July 1999; edited for style March 2016