Purpose Of The Course

This intensive three-day course presents a step-by-step approach to documenting and protecting ideas and inventions, provides information on how to obtain a patent and license a product and explains what can happen after the patent issues. The course provides the necessary information to make better decisions at an early stage and, thereby, avoid mistakes that may prove costly later. Recognizing that what you don't know can hurt you, the course removes the mystery from patenting and licensing and allows the individual to understand what goes on at each stage of the process.

Who Should Attend

The course is directed to inventors, entrepreneurs, research administrators, and technology managers in industry, government and universities. It teaches the steps which should be taken at an early stage to protect one's ideas and inventions, and shows how to exploit the ideas and inventions through patenting and licensing. The course addresses the entire patenting and licensing process from the initial inventing activity, through the patent application, to licensing the product, and beyond. Attendees will learn what to expect, and what needs to be done, at various stages of inventing, patenting, developing, and licensing a product. With this information, inventors / entrepreneurs / technology managers can improve their business strategy, budget finances, and organize a business plan. This information will also allow inventors and technology managers to work more efficiently and effectively with an external or in-house patent attorney and better understand what the attorney is doing and why. Private inventors, researchers in small companies and universities, engineers in large corporations, research administrators in universities and industry, and corporate executives responsible for intellectual property protection will all benefit from the course. You can find more specific information to suit your particular needs by referring to the menu on the previous page.

Course Format

The course consists of structured presentations, multiple workshops, and question-and-answer sessions. The nature of patents, the subtleties of patent claims, patent interference, and patent infringement are all explained in the course. Several case histories of patenting and licensing activities are presented, thus providing the audience with a hands-on, nuts-and-bolts appreciation for some of the more esoteric and subtle aspects of patenting and licensing addressed in the structured presentations. There will also be opportunities for the participants to interact and share experiences in an informal setting.

Course Instructor

Dr. Patrick MacCarthy is a Professor of Chemistry at the Colorado School of Mines, and a consultant on product development and inventing. Professor MacCarthy has close to 20 years experience in the field of inventing, patenting, and licensing. He holds 13 U.S. and 4 foreign patents, and currently has several patents pending. His patents deal with toys, sketching/drafting devices, and overhead projector accessories. He has been actively involved in patent litigation, and a number of his inventions have been licensed to industry and been marketed worldwide. He now files and prosecutes his own patent applications. He also has extensive experience in product development and contract negotiation with manufacturers. Dr. MacCarthy is an analytical chemist with research interests in soil, water and environmental chemistry. He has published over 80 scientific papers and is co-editor of four books in these areas.


The course is offered annually at several locations around the U.S.

Further Information

For additional information concerning the course, contact Dr. Patrick MacCarthy, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado 80401 (phone: 303/273-3626; fax: 303/273-3629; e-mail: