Assessment Matrix

This matrix has been developed to help engineering faculty develop comprehensive program assessment plans for their departments.  Versions of the matrix have been published in ASEE Prism, NSF educational project conference proceedings, and the Journal of Engineering Education.  The blank matrix template is shown below and examples of completed matrices are shown on the CSM Chemical Engineering Department assessment page.  To develop a program assessment plan, answer the questions posed beginning with the those about the overall program goals.

Goals:  What are the overall goals of the program? How do they complement institutional and accreditation expectations?
Program Objectives Performance Criteria Implementation Plan Evaluation Methods Logistics Feedback
What are the our program objectives?  What should students know and be able to do? How will we know the objectives have been met?   What level of performance meets each objective? How will the objectives be met?  What program activities (curricular and co-curricular) help students meet each objective? What assessment methods will we use to collect data? How will we interpret and evaluate the data? When will we measure?  How often?  Who will collect and interpret the data and report the results? Who needs to know the results?  How can we convince them the objectives were met?  How can we improve our program and assessment process?

© B.M. Olds and R.L. Miller, 1999

PDF version of the assessment matrix

MS Word version of the assessment matrix