Tyrone Vincent



My research interests center around nonlinear estimation and system identification, with applications in several areas:

  1. Bullet Estimation, system identification and fault detection of nonlinear systems:

  2. Bullet Identification and estimation in large scale systems

  3. Bullet Structure and block-oriented system identification

  1. Bullet Applications of control to energy systems and materials processing:

  2. Bullet Control of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Fuel Processing Systems

  3. Bullet Modeling of Aggregations of Distributed Energy Storage Elements


Contact Information:

Office: BB327D

Phone: 303 273 3641

email: tvincent at mines dot edu


Courses Taught:

  1. Bullet EENG 388 - Information Systems Science

  2. Bullet EENG 307 - Feedback Control Systems

  3. Bullet EENG 417 - Modern Control System Design

  4. Bullet EENG 515 - Mathematical Methods for Signals and Systems

  5. Bullet EENG 519 - Estimation Theory and Kalman Filtering

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)