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Hennebach Program in the Humanities: Ocean Legacy: Inspiring Marine Conservation in the Ross Sea, Antarctica and Beyond

2017-03-08 7:00pm

Location:  Green Center Petroleum Hall

Working out of his garage in Boulder, Weller started what would become a global coalition of organizations, scientists, diplomats and more than a million people, and eventually entrained the attention of world leaders from the White House to the Kremlin. 

Weller will share his world-renowned images from 4 trips to the Ross Sea, including 3 months diving under the ice with the National Science Foundation. And most importantly, John will share how it was at the end – inside the international meeting in a stone fortress in the center of Hobart, Tasmania, when all these countries reached agreement in one of the most profound international collaborations of our times. 

About the Speaker: 

John Weller was named a SeaWeb Fellow in 2005, a Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation in 2009, and has served as a Safina Center Fellow since 2014. In addition to his foundational work in the Ross Sea, Weller has collaborated with Emmy Award-winning cinematographer Shawn Heinrichs and an array of environmental organizations to conceive, create and deliver national-level media campaigns in support of marine conservation initiatives in many other crucially important regions of the world’s ocean. These campaigns have resulted in new shark and manta ray sanctuaries in the Bahamas and Micronesia, new marine protected areas in Indonesia, and new international law protecting manta rays. He continues to work in defense of the ocean alongside a team of close collaborators and his wife Cassandra Brooks.