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Special Physics colloquium-Self-Correcting Quantum Devices, 11am, Green Center 210 South

2017-04-03 11:00am

Special colloquium - Monday, April 3, 2017, 11am, Green Center 210 South

“Self-Correcting Quantum Devices”

Abstract:  Superconducting quantum circuits are among the most promising platforms for quantum computing and simulation. However, like all qubit technologies, they suffer from unavoidable noise and dissipation, which has thus far stymied the construction of a workable quantum computer. This can be mitigated by digital quantum error correction, or intriguingly, by introducing further noise, in the form of engineered dissipation, carefully tuned to passively correct errors and stabilize many-body states. In this talk, I describe an extremely simple and practical mechanism for doing so. I first review a quantum simulation experiment with the Google quantum hardware team that demonstrated artificial magnetic fields for strongly interacting photons— a vector potential for light. I then describe a proposal for combining some of those concepts with high frequency microwave driving and tuned dissipation sources to create a simple and efficient quantum error correction device, called the Very Small Logical Qubit, that promises order of magnitude coherence increases over any of its component parts. Finally, I show that in a larger system, combining all these ideas can generate and passively stabilize fractional quantum Hall states of photons, which are exotic, topologically ordered states of matter that are analogous to the anyonic states of 2d electrons in strong magnetic fields. FQH states of bosons have yet to be realized in nature, and are expected to demonstrate a wide array of strange and novel properties.

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