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Hennebach Program in the Humanities Presents "Visual Bridges" with Dr. Carrie Roy

2017-03-22 4:00pm

Location: Student Center Ballroom C


While you may be doing phenomenal research, moats of discipline-specific vocabularies or rivers of jargon could be isolating your great idea—preventing it from reaching broader audiences. This talk examines the role visual bridges (in the form of art, infographics and data visualizations) can play in connecting with audiences and collaborators outside your field. 

About the Speaker: 

Dr. Carrie Roy grew up on a cattle ranch in southeast North Dakota and received her B.A. from Harvard in Visual and Environmental Studies, where she focused on sculpture and photography. The ethnographic interests explored in her undergraduate work led her to pursue advanced degrees in the humanities – culminating in post-doctoral research in the Living Environments Laboratory and work coordinating a digital humanities initiative at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She continues to create art bridging the capabilities of computers and the creative touch of humans and conduct research exploring computational approaches to humanities data.