Level 100 Course Descriptions

LAIS 100: Nature and Human Values

Nature and Human Values will focus on diverse views and critical questions concerning traditional and contemporary issues linking the quality of human life and Nature, and their interdependence. The course will examine various disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches regarding two major questions:

  •  How has Nature affected the quality of human life and the formulation of human values and ethics?
  •  How have human actions, values, and ethics affected Nature? 

These issues will use cases and examples taken from across time and cultures.Themes will include but are not limited to population, natural resources, stewardship of the Earth, and the future of human society. This is a writing-intensive course that will provide instruction and practice in expository writing, using the disciplines and perspectives of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Semester Hours: 4

LAIS 198: Special Topics
Special Topics is a pilot course or special topics course. Topics chosen from special interests of instructor(s) and student(s). Usually the course is offered only once.

Semester Hours: variable 1 to 6

LAIS 199: Independent Study
Independent Study is individual research or special problem projects supervised by a faculty member. Primarily for students who have completed their Humanities and Social Science requirements. Instructor consent required.
Prerequisite: Independent Study form must be completed and submitted to the Registrar.
Semester Hours:
variable 1 to 6

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