Mio User Guide

Mio home: http://inside.mines.edu/mio/


The address for Mio is mio001.mines.edu. It is accessable on campus via ssh or by using VPN.

Mines has set up VPN service that is easy to use and works well, especially using the web based interface. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure method of accessing a private network from a remote or otherwise insecure location. See: http://ccit.mines.edu/CCIT-NET-VPN-Information for additional information. After you have VPN running on your home machine it acts as if it is on campus and you can access Mio and other machines.

It is also possible to set up an ssh tunnel to access Mio. This is useful when working on machines for which VPN is not an option. See: See http://geco.mines.edu/ssh/tunneling.html. This page also describes how to access Mio using an iPad from off campus..

The passwords on Mio.mines.edu are the same as your Mines MultiPass password, that is, it is the same as the standard unix boxes on campus such as imagine or illuminate. If you don't have a MultiPass password or need to reset it see http://newuser.mines.edu/password

Quick start guide

The direct link to the quick start guide for running on all CSM HPC platforms is:

Our documentation is in flux. Please see http://inside.mines.edu/mio/mio001/ for the latest information overview.

http://inside.mines.edu/mio/mio001/ contains information on
  • Machine Configuration
  • Environment Setup
    • Setup for OpenMPI
    • Setup for IntelMPI
  • Scheduler
    • Basic Slurm Commands and a map to related PBS/Torque commands
    • Unique CSM Slurm Commands
  • A link to the Quick start guide for Running MPI jobs
  • Running Phi/Mic examples