Request to Serve Alcohol Form

Please submit this form at least one week prior to the event. If exceptions are needed, please submit at least three (3) weeks in advance.
Questions? Please contact Derek Morgan at 303-273-3288.


* Event Name:
* Event Date:
* Event time (be sure to include both start and end times):
* Location (please be specific):
* Group Sponsoring Event:
* Person Responsible for the Event:
* Phone:
* Email:
If Organization: NAME of Officer or Advisor:
If Department: NAME of Department Head:

Expected number of attendees?
* Undergraduate Students:
* Graduate Students:
* Faculty/Staff Members
* Other:
* Who will be checking IDs?
Third-Party Vendor
Security Staff
Other :  

Wristbands to identify those over 21 will be provided by Sodexo for all campus events where students are present.

* Amount of alcohol being served?
* From where will you purchase/obtain the alcohol?
* What funds are being used to purchase the alcohol?
* FOOD & NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Please list the items and quantity that will be available during the event:
(please include company name, contact and phone number)
(please include company name, contact and phone number)

By submitting this form you are agreeing to all aspects of the alcohol policy and will enforce the policy as needed.

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