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Salute - Graduation Salute Undergrad Information

Second Bachelor's Degree

Second Undergraduate Degree

Graduation Salute - Undergrad InformationPDF versionText only version

Multiple Degrees

Multiple Degrees

Schedule a Campus Tour Admissions
Schedule Availability Course Schedule Availability
Schedule, Classes Course Offerings
Schedule Changes Census Information
Schedule, Common Exams Common Exam SchedulePDF versionText only version
Schedule Confirmation Confirmation to Attend
Schedule, Final Exams Final Exam Schedule
Schedule Planner, GEODE GEODE Schedule Planner
Scheduling a Room - off-campus groups Conference Services
Scheduling a Room - on-campus groups and staff Room Reservation Form
Schedules, New Freshman Freshman Schedules
Schedules, New Transfers Transfer Student Schedules
Schedule, Tuition and Fees Tuition and FeesPDF versionText only version
Scholarship Information Financial Aid
Security, Campus Police Public Safety
Selective Service Selective Service
Senior Class Standing Class Standing
Short Courses please contact the department offering the course
Silver Diplomas Diploma Information
Social Security Number (SSN) Change Personal Information
SODEXHO / Campus Dining Campus Dining
Sophomore Class Standing Class Standing
SPACE (Special Programs and Continuing Education) Continuing Education
Special Event Room Reservations Room Reservation Form
Special Programs & Continuing Education Continuing Education
Special Programs Courses / Transcripts Continuing Education
Sporting Event Calendar Athletic Calendar
Staff & Faculty Contact Information Faculty & Staff Contact Information
State Work Study Aid Financial Aid
Student Accounts / Billing Student Receivables
Student Activities Student Activities
Student Bills Student Receivables
Student Clubs & Organizations Student Activities
Student Conduct Code Student Honor CodePDF versionText only version
Student Development & Academic Services Student Development & Academic Services
Student Directory Directory
Student Disability Services Disability Services
Student Employment, Work Study Diggernet
Student Fees Student Receivables
Student Government ASCSM (Student Government)
Student Health Center Student Health Center
Student Health Insurance Requirement Student Health Benefits Plan
Student Honor Code Student Honor CodePDF versionText only version
Student Housing contact Student Housing
Student ID Card Blaster Card Information
Student Information Release Form FERPA
Student Life Student Life
Student Loans Financial Aid
Student Newspaper Oredigger Student Newspaper
Student Ranking Information Class Rank Information
Student Records & Privacy FERPA
Student Organization Calendar Student Organization Calendar
Student Organizations Student Activities
Studio Arts Courses Reciprocal Program
Study Abroad Office of International Programs
Summer Course Schedules Course Schedule Availability
Suspension Academic Standing
Syllabus Information please contact the department offering the course
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Taking Classes as a CSM Employee Employee Tuition Waiver
Teacher Education Continuing Education
Teacher Recertification Courses/Transcripts Continuing Education
Telecommunications Telecommunications
Teleconferencing Video Conferencing
Textbook Information CSM Bookstore
Trailhead Trailhead
Trailhead Account Activation contact CCIT
Trailhead Degree Evaluation Degree Audit Information
Transcripts - Teacher Recertification Continuing Education
Transcripts - Undergraduate, Graduate, Non-Degree Transcripts
Transfer Courses Transfer Courses
Transfer Credit Approval Forms Transfer Credit Approvals
Transfer Student Registration Transfer Student Schedules
Transfer Student Schedules Transfer Student Schedules
Transfer Students Transfer Students
Trustees, Board of Board of Trustees
Tuition Assistance, GoArmyEd GoArmyEd
Tuition Payments Student Receivables
Tuition Rates TuitionPDF versionText only version / FeesPDF versionText only version
Tuition Waiver for Employees Employee Tuition Waiver
Tuition / Fee Waiver for Students contact Student Receivables
Tutoring Academic Tutoring
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Undergraduate Academics Undergraduate Academics
Undergraduate Admissions Admissions
Undergraduate Catalog CSM Catalog / Bulletin
Undergraduate Cost of Attendance Cost of Attendance
Undergraduate Degrees Degrees Offered
Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Courses 500-Level Course Enrollment
Undergraduate Leave of Absence Withdrawal from CSM
Undergraduate Non-Degree Students Undergrad Non-Degree Information & Registration
Undergraduate Research Experience REMERSEC
University Advancement CSM Foundation
University Map Campus MapPDF versionText only version
University Policies Policies
Unofficial Degree Evaluation Degree Audit Information
Unofficial Transcripts Transcripts
Update Address Personal Information
Update Alumni Information Alumni Association
Update E-Mail Personal Information
Update Name Personal Information
Update Social Security Number Personal Information