GEODE Schedule Planner

The GEODE Schedule Planner is a web-based registration schedule planner for use by students to create the perfect class schedule, and to eliminate time-consuming schedule generation.  The GEODE Schedule Planner IS NOT THE REGISTRATION SYSTEM, IT IS A SCHEDULE PLANNER!  In other words you can plan your schedule using the GEODE tool and send the CRN #'s to the registration system as a convienience, but it is the registration system that actually adds and drops the classes for you.  Please download the Quick Use GuidePDF versionText only version to using the GEODE Schedule Planner.  GEODE is not an acronym, is simply a branding name that students voted on to be the “rock” of their new registration efforts.

Instruction and Help Videos:

To plan the perfect class schedule, login to Trailhead > Click on Self-Service > Click on the Student Tab > Click on the Registration Link > Click on "GEODE Schedule Planner"

Beginner: Schedule Planner Basics

Intermediate: Using Locks to Narrow Down Schedules

Advanced: Using Custom Course Options (Use course options to select specific instructors.)

Major Features of the Tool

  • Available in the Trailhead Student Portal
  • Integrated with Registration
  • Easy & Intuitive
  • Generate Every Possible Option
  • Schedule Preview & Compare
  • Real-Time Course Demand
  • Plan Around Personal Times