Registrar's A to Z - V through Z

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Varsity Sports & Physical Education Requirements Athletics / PA Requirements
Verification of Degree Verifications
Verification of Enrollment Verifications
Verification of Lawful Presence Verification of Lawful Presence
Veterans Services Veterans Services
Veterans Services - GoArmyEd GoArmyEd
Veterans Services - In-State Tuition Classification Veterans Services
Video Conferencing Video Conferencing
Visitor Parking Map Campus MapPDF versionText only version
Voter Registration Information Voter Registration Information
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Waitlists Waitlist Information
Waive Health Insurance Student Health Benefits Plan
Waive Parking Fee Parking Services
Waive Tuition - Employees Taking CSM Classes Employee Tuition Waiver
Weather Closures Weather ClosurePDF versionText only version
Web Registration Registration Information
Welcome Letter from the Provost Welcome Letter
WICHE Tuition Exchange (Graduate Students Only) contact Graduate Studies
Withdrawing from Classes Census Information
Withdrawing from School Withdrawal from CSM
Writing Center Writing Center
Work Study Information & Forms Work Study at CSM - Financial Aid
Work Study Job Postings Diggernet
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X-Mines Returning contact Admissions
500-Level Course Enrollment 500-Level Course Enrollment