Complete Withdrawal from Mines

Undergraduate** students looking to withdraw from all classes during a current semester or in preparation for a future semester must follow the steps outlined below. This process also applies to students pursuing a temporary absence, transferring to another institution, or permanent withdrawal.*

Current Term Withdrawal

  • If you are currently taking classes, and wish to withdraw from ALL courses, you may initiate the withdrawal process at any point in the semester, until Noon on the day before the last day of classes.
  • Check the Academic Calendar for these specific dates, which are semester specific. As an example, for the Spring 2015 semester the last day of classes is April 30, therefore students wishing to withdrawal must start the process by Noon on April 29.
  • Complete withdrawals that occur after Census Day result in "W" grades on the academic transcript.

Future Term Withdrawal

  • Students may initiate a complete withdrawal on or prior to Census Day, resulting in no record of enrollment for said semester (e.g. no “W” grades noted). If a student wishes to withdraw on Census Day, initiation of the process outlined below must occur by 12:00pm. Check the Academic Calendar for these specific dates, which are semester specific.

The Withdrawal Process

Complete withdrawal circumstances are often unique for each student. Timing may impact a student’s final decision to withdraw. As such, to process a complete withdrawal from Mines, a student must follow and complete the following action items detailed below.

1) Contact:

To initiate the process, please contact the Center for Academic Services & Advising (CASA) or the Dean of Students’ Office. In-person or phone appointments are required. Contact CASA at 303.384.2600 or, or Derek Morgan, Associate Dean of Students at 303.273.3288 to schedule.

2) Check Email:

Following a brief appointment, students are asked to check their email account over the next two business days for correspondence on required action(s). Examples may include, but are not limited to, possible student refund or balance due, return of library materials, and/or financial aid exit counseling.

3) Follow-Up (if necessary):

Have a second conversation with CASA or the Dean of Students’ Office regarding pending action(s).

4) Survey:

Students are asked to complete an exit survey to complete their withdrawal process.

Returning to Mines After Withdrawing

Students looking to return to CSM are required to complete the Returning Undergraduate Student Form following one or more semester(s) (fall or spring) of non-attendance. Please contact Undergraduate Admissions for details.



*If you are currently enrolled and wish to withdrawal from some courses but remain in others, please contact your Academic Advisor for more information.

**Graduate Students - Please contact Graduate Academic Services as their withdrawal process is separate from that outlined above (303.273.3627 or For more information on withdrawal policies for graduate students, please click here: 

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