Photo of Andrew Gulley

Andrew Gulley

  • Mineral and Energy Economics - PhD Candidate
  • Colorado School of Mines
    Golden, CO 80401


  • University of Chicago
  • B.A. Economics 2008
  • B.A. Law, Letters and Society 2008


  • Valuation of changes in ecosystem services due to mineral development [Research Assistant for the USGS and US EPA]
  • Meta-analysis of environmental valuation literature
  • Community Referendum Permitting of Proposed Mines and its Effect on the Three Pillars of Sustainability
  • The Use of Referendum and Government Payment Vehicles to Clean up Abandoned Mine Sites
  • Examination of the Theoretical Relationship Between the Spot and Future Prices of Commodities (Tilton, Humphreys, Radetzki, 2011)
  • The Per Capita Income Threshold and it Implications for Mineral Consumption in the Developing World (Menzie, DeYoung, and Steblez 2000).


  • Economics and Business Graduate Student Association
  • Entrepreneurship Club
  • Downhill Skiing
  • Backcountry Skiing
  • Backpacking