Graduate students visiting NWTC


Prospective graduate students who are interested in doing research with me should talk to me after having taken a course from me. This will help each of us to understand how the other works and what the expectations are.

Students who would like for me to be on their committee should also take a class from me first. This helps us to have a common language when discussing your research.

Undergraduate Students

  • [1] Carson Kent; B.S. (2015) Characterizing High Frequency Trades as a Temporal Point Process

Master's Students

  • [7] Josh Browning; M.S. (2015) Simultaneous Treatment of Random and Systematic Errors in the Historical Radiosonde Temperature Archive

  • [6] Ashley Bell; (2014) Automated Statistical Quality Control for Historical Radiosonde Data

  • [5] Karen Kazor; M.S. (2013) Statistical Identication of Regional Wind Regimes

  • [4] Sarah Valovcin; M.S. (2013) Assessing Residential Building Energy Simulation Accuracy Through the Use of Clustering

  • [3] Christopher Lorenzini; M.S. (2012) Analysis of Space-Time Clustering and Prediction of Crime Series

  • [2] Christopher Bukowski; M.S. (2012) Investigating Spatial Correlation Estimation when Nonparametrically Smoothing the Mean Trend

  • [1] Megan Yoder; M.S. (2011) Short Term Forecasting of Categorical Changes in Wind Power

Ph.D. Students