Photo of Andrew P. Proudian

Andrew P. Proudian


  • B.S. Physics, University of California, Davis, 2012


  • Organic Electronics
  • Atom Probe Tomography
  • Structure-Property Relations
  • Microstructure and Morphology

Publications and Presentations

  • A.P. Proudian, M.B. Jaskot, D.R. Dierks, B.P. Gorman, J.D. Zimmerman, "Atom Probe Tomography of Small-Molecule Organic Electronic Systems," Materials Research Society, Poster Presentation, 27 November 2017.
  • M. B. Jaskot, A. P. Proudian, D. R. Diercks, B. P. Gorman, and J. D. Zimmerman, "Unraveling the Effects of OLED Active Layer Morphology on Degradation Using Atom Probe Tomography," Light, Energy and the Environment, OSA Technical Digest, Optical Society of America, STu1C.4.
  • A.P. Proudian, "Why I Went to Graduate School," The SPS Observer, 51 (3), 6 (2017). web: Why I Went to Graduate School
  • A.P. Proudian, M.B. Jaskot, C. Lyiza, D.R. Dierks, B.P. Gorman, J.D. Zimmerman, Effect of Diels-Alder Reaction in C60-Tetracene Photovoltaic Devices, ACS Nano Letters, 16 (10), 6086-6091 (2016). doi: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.6b02238
  • A.P. Proudian, C. Lyiza, M.B. Jaskot, D.R. Dierks, B.P. Gorman, J.D. Zimmerman, "Observing Solid-State Diels-Alder Reactions at Fullerene-Acene Interfaces with Atom Probe Tomography," Materials Research Society, Oral Presentation, 2 December 2015.
  • G. Malovichko, J. P. Landry, A. P. Proudian, and X. D. Zhu, "Label-Free Kinetic Screening Of Proteins And Virus Binding In A 51,200 Small-Molecule Library With A High-Throughput Ellipsometric Scanning Microscope," CLEO: 2013, Optical Society of America, AF1L.2 (2013).
  • J.P. Landry, A.P. Proudian, G. Malovichko, X.D. Zhu, Kinetic Identification of Protein Ligands in a 51,200 Small-Molecule Library Using Microarrays and a Label-Free Ellipsometric Scanner, Proceedings of SPIE 8587, 85871V (2013). doi: 10.1117/12.2003374