Photo of Bruce R. Palmer

Bruce R. Palmer

  • Chemical and Biological Engineering Department
  • Colorado School of Mines
    Golden, CO 80401


  • PhD, University of Utah, Metallurgy, 1972
  • BS, Colorado School of Mines, Metallurgical Engineering, 1968


  • After teaching chemical engineering in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar for ten years, I returned to Golden, Colorado. My research in the Middle East focused on development of new metal alloys for processing petroleum and petrochemicals. Additionally I conducted research on sulfur removal from natural gas.
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  • Awards:
  • Colorado School of Mines van Diest Gold Medal
  • American Society for Metals Bradley Stoughton Award
  • American Institute Metallurgical Engineers Taggart Award


  • Teaching-Colorado School of Mines
  • Chemical Engineering Design (CBEN 402)
  • .
  • Teaching-Texas A&M University, Qatar
  • Chemical Engineering Postgraduate Materials (CHEN 689)
  • Chemical Engineering Plant Design-Economics (CHEN 426)
  • Chemical Engineering Materials (CHEN 313)
  • Chemical Engineering Fluid Operations (CHEN 304)
  • Elementary Chemical Engineering (CHEN 204)


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