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S.H. Gage, B.G. Trewyn, C.V. Ciobanu, S. Pylypenko, and R.M. Richards
Synthetic advancements and catalytic applications of nickel nitride
Catalysis Science & Technology 6, 4059 (2016) (

Y. Chen, S. Manna, B. Narayanan, Z. Wang, I.E. Reimanis, and C.V. Ciobanu
Pressure-induced phase transformation in β-eucryptite: An X-ray diffraction and density functional theory study
Scripta Materialia 122, 64 (2016) (

C.V. Ciobanu
Synthesis, stability, and bandgap control for two-dimensional superlattices
Revue Roumaine des Sciences Techniques - Série de Mécanique Appliquée, accepted , (2016)

F. Meng, S. Zhang, I.H. Lee, S. Jun, and C.V. Ciobanu
Strain-tunable half-metallicity in hybrid graphene-hBN monolayer superlattices
Applied Surface Science 375, 179 (2016) (


A. Ebnonnasir, S. Kodambaka, and C.V. Ciobanu
Strongly and weakly interacting configurations of hexagonal boron nitride on nickel
Surface Review and Letters 22, 1550078 (2015) (

B.B. Kappes, G.J. Leong, G.H. Gilmer, R.M. Richards, and C.V. Ciobanu
Metallic nanocrystals synthesized in solution: a brief review of crystal shape theory and crystallographic characterization
Crystal Research and Technology 50, 801 (2015) (

G. Stan, C.V. Ciobanu, I. Levin, H.J. Yoo, A. Myers, K. Singh, C. Jerewski, B. Mines, S.W. King
Nanoscale buckling of ultra-thin low-k dielectric lines during hard-mask patterning
Nano Letters 15, 3845 (2015) (

B.B. Kappes and C.V. Ciobanu
Materials Screening Through GPU Accelerated Topological Mapping
Materials and Manufacturing Processes 30, 529 (2015) (


G.J. Leong, A. Ebnonnasir, M.C. Schulze, M.B. Strand, C. Ngo, D. Maloney, S.L. Frisco, H.N. Dinh, B. Pivovar, G.H. Gilmer, S. Kodambaka, C.V. Ciobanu, and R.M. Richards
Shape-directional growth of Pt and Pd nanoparticles
Nanoscale 6, 11364 (2014) (

A. Ebnonnasir, B. Narayanan, S. Kodambaka, and C.V. Ciobanu
Tunable MoS2 bandgap in MoS2-graphene heterostructures
Applied Physics Letters 105, 031603 (2014) (

B. Narayanan, G.H. Gilmer, J.H. Tao, J.J. DeYoreo, and C.V. Ciobanu
Self-assembly of collagen on surfaces: the interplay between collagen-collagen and collagen-substrate interactions
Langmuir 30, 1343 (2014) (

H.S. Mok, A. Ebnonnasir, Y. Murata, S. Nie, K.F. McCarty, C.V. Ciobanu, and S. Kodambaka
Kinetics of monolayer graphene growth by segregation on Pd(111)
Applied Physics Letters 114, 101606 (2014) (


B.B. Kappes and C.V. Ciobanu
Bandgap opening in metallic carbon nanotubes due to silicon impurities
Computers, Materials and Continua 38, 1 (2013) (

R. Cortes, D.P. Acharya, C.V. Ciobanu, E. Sutter, and P. Sutter
Graphene on Ru(0001) moire corrugation studied by STM on Au/graphene/Ru(0001) heterostructures
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117, 20675 (2013) (

B. Narayanan, I.E. Reimanis, and C. V. Ciobanu
Atomic-scale mechanism for pressure-induced amorphization of beta-eucryptite
Journal of Applied Physics 144, 083520 (2013) (

B. Narayanan, S.L. Weeks, B.N. Jariwala, B.Macco, J.W. weber, S. Rathi, M.C.M. van de Sanden, P. Sutter, S. Agarwal, and C.V. Ciobanu
Carbon monoxide-induced reduction and healing of graphene oxide
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A (Letters) 31, 040601 (2013) (

B. Narayanan, I.E. Reimanis, H.C. Huang, and C. V. Ciobanu
Radiation effects and tolerance mechanism in beta-eucryptite
Journal of Applied Physics 113, 033504 (2013) (

B.B. Kappes, A. Ebnonnasir, S. Kodambaka, and C. V. Ciobanu
Orientation dependent binding energy of graphene on palladium
Applied Physics Letters 102, 051606 (2013) (


A. Al Mahboob, E. Muller, A. Karim, J.T. Muckerman, C.V. Ciobanu, and P. Sutter
Site-dependent activity of atomic catalysts in Al-based hydrogen storage materials
Journal of American Chemical Society 134, 10381 (2012) (

Y. Murata, V. Petrova, I. Petrov, C.V. Ciobanu, and S. Kodambaka
Role of ethylene on surface oxidation of TiO2(110)
Applied Physics Letters 101, 211601 (2012) (

C. Ban, B.B. Kappes, Q. Xu, C. Engtrakul, C.V. Ciobanu, A.C. Dillon, and Y. Zhao
Lithiation of silica through partial reduction
Applied Physics Letters 100, 243905 (2012) (

Y. Murata, S. Nie, A. Ebnonnasir, E. Starodub, B.B. Kappes, K.F. McCarty, C. V. Ciobanu and S. Kodambaka
Growth structure and work function of bilayer graphene on Pd(111)
Physical Review B 85, 205443 (2012) (

B. Narayanan, Y. Zhao, and C. V. Ciobanu
Migration mechanism for atomic hydrogen in porous carbon materials
Applied Physics Letters 100, 203901 (2012) (

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Real-time microscopy of graphene growth on epitaxial metal films: Role of template thickness and strain
Small 8, 2250 (2012) (

B. Narayanan, A.C.T. van Duin, B.B. Kappes, I.E. Reimanis, and C. V. Ciobanu
Parametrization of a reactive force field for lithium aluminum silicates
Modeling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering 20, 015002 (2012) (


B.N. Jariwala, N.J. Kramer, M.C. Petcu, D. Bobela, M.C.M. van de Sanden, P. Stradins, C.V. Ciobanu, and S. Agarwal
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Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115, 20375 (2011) (

B.B. Kappes, W.B. Maddox, D.P. Acharya, P. Sutter, and C.V. Ciobanu
Interactions of same-row vacancies on rutile TiO2(110)
Physical Review B (Rapid Communications) 84, 161402 (2011) (

B.N. Jariwala, O.S. Dewey, P. Stradins, C.V. Ciobanu, and S. Agarwal
In situ gas-phase hydrosilylation of plasma-synthesized Si nanocrystals
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 3, 3033 (2011) (

B.N. Jariwala, C.V. Ciobanu, and S. Agarwal
The initial oxidation stages of hydrogen- and styrene-terminated Si(100) surfaces: A molecular dynamics study
Surface Science 605, L61 (2011) (

S. Jun, X. Li, F. Meng, and C.V. Ciobanu
Elastic properties of edges in BN and SiC nanoribbons, and of boundaries in C-BN superlattices: A density functional theory study
Physical Review B (Brief Reports) 83, 153407(2011) (

Z. Li, C.V. Ciobanu, J. Hu, J.P. Palomares-Baez, J.L. Rodriguez-Lopez, and R.M. Richards
Experimental and DFT Study of Gold Nanoparticles Supported on MgO(111) Nano-Sheets and their Catalytic Activity
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13, 2582 (2011) (


D.P. Acharya, C.V. Ciobanu, N. Camillone III, and P. Sutter
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Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114, 21510 (2010) (

Y. Murata, V. Petrova, B.B. Kappes, A. Ebnonnasir, I. Petrov, Y.-H. Xie, C.V. Ciobanu, and S. Kodambaka
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ACS Nano 4, 6509 (2010) (

Y. Murata, E. Starodub, B.B. Kappes, C.V. Ciobanu, N.C. Bartelt, K.F. McCarty, and S.Kodambaka
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Applied Physics Letters 97, 143114 (2010) (

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Physical Review B 82, 085418 (2010) (

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Physical Review B 81, 104106 (2010) (


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Journal of Applied Physics 106, 073305 (2009) (

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A variable-number genetic algorithm for growth of 1-D nanostructures into their global minimum configuration under radial confinement
Materials and Manufacturing Processes 24, 265 (2009) (

C.V. Ciobanu, C.Z Wang, and K.M. Ho
Global Optimization of 2-Dimensional Nanoscale Structures: A Brief Review
Materials and Manufacturing Processes 24, 109 (2009) (

G. Stan, C.V. Ciobanu, T.P. Thayer, G.T. Wang, R.J. Creighton, K.P. Purushotam, L.A. Bendersky, and R.F. Cook
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Nanotechnology 20, 035706 (2009) (

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Roughness and structural motifs on the Si(103) surface
Computational Materials Science 45, 150 (2009) (


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Morphology of epitaxial core-shell nanowires
Nano Letters 8, 4305 (2008) (


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On the structure of the Si(103) surface
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An evolutionary approach to finding the structure of linear defects on crystal surfaces
Physical Review B 75, 195415 (2007) (

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Applied Physics Letters 88, 133125 (2006) (

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Model reconstructions for the Si(337) orientation
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On the efficiency of exchange in parallel tempering Monte Carlo simulations
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 109, 4189 (2005) (


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Reconstruction of silicon surfaces: a stochastic optimization problem
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Journal of Low Temperature Physics 135, 257 (2004) (

V.B. Shenoy and C.V. Ciobanu
Orientation dependence of the stiffness of surface steps: an analysis based on anisotropic elasticity
Surface Science 554, 222 (2004) (

before 2004:

C.V. Ciobanu, V.B. Shenoy C.Z. Wang and K.M. Ho
Structure and stability of the Si(105) surface
Surface Science 544, L715 (2003) (

C.V. Ciobanu, D.T. Tambe, V.B. Shenoy, C.Z. Wang and K.M. Ho
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Physical Review B (Rapid Communications) 68, 201302 (2003) (

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Physical Review B (Rapid Communications) 67, 081402 (2003) (

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Journal of Chemical Physics 118, 3583 (2003) (

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Applied Physics Letters 81, 364 (2002) (

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Structure and Vibrational Spectra of (H2O)8H+: is the excess proton in a symmetrical hydrogen bond?
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C. Ciobanu, Y.Liu, Y. Wang, and B.R.Patton
Numerical calculation of electrical conductivity of porous electroceramics
Journal of Electroceramics 3, 17 (1999) (

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