Cecilia Diniz Behn
Colorado School of Mines
Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics
1500 Illinois Street
Golden, Colorado


My Courses

At Colorado School of Mines I typically teach the following courses:

  • MATH 331 Mathematical Biology
  • MATH 332 Linear Algebra
  • MATH 472/572 Mathematical and Computational Neuroscience
  • MATH 501 Applied Analysis
Please note: the official course websites for my courses at Colorado School of Mines are available to students on Canvas.

Courses I have taught in the past at other institutions include the following:

  • Calculus I and II
  • Multivariable Calculus
  • Differential Equations
  • Intermediate Differential Equations and Dynamics
  • Senior Capstone in Mathematics

Outreach: The Two-Process Model

In collaboration with Dr. Victoria Booth (University of Michigan) and former students Rebecca Gleit and Sean Lopp, I have developed outreach materials to introduce K-12 students and community members to mathematical modeling in the context of the Two-Process model for sleep regulation. This model, originally proposed by Borbely and colleagues in the 1980s, describes sleep timing as the dynamic interaction between a circadian modulation of sleep propensity (Process C) and a need to sleep that increases with time awake (Process S).

The web-based simulator for the model allows interested individuals to use the model to simulate sleep-wake behavior in children, adolescents, and adults. In addition, this simulator provides an opportunity to explore parameter fitting more generally in the context of the Two-Process model.