Dinesh P. Mehta: Students
Dinesh P. Mehta
Graduate Students

Current PhD Students

  1. Dheivya Thiagarajan.
  2. JK Slyby.
  3. Keith Hellman.

Former PhD Students

  1. Tina Kouri (2012, CSM).
    Dissertation: Automated Reaction Mapping: Enhanced Algorithms and Applications.
    Tina is on the Computer Science and Engineering faculty at the University of South Florida.
  2. John Crabtree (2007, CSM).
    Dissertation title: Design and Implementation of Computational Automation Tools for the Evaluation of Detailed Chemical Kinetic Mechanisms.
    John is now a tenured Professor at the University of North Alabama.
  3. Sahar Idwan (2005, CSM).
    Dissertation: Algorithms for Discrete Geometric and Graph Theoretic Pursuit Problems.
    Sahar is an Associate Professor at the Hashemite University in Jordan.
  4. Yan Feng (2004, CSM).
    Dissertation: Interactive Floorplanning in VLSI.
    Yan's first employment was as a post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Minnesota. He is currently employed at Cadence.
  5. Steven Stoddard (2003, CSM) [co-advised].
    Dissertation: Optimizing Federal Natural Gas Royalties in the Gulf of Mexico.
    A paper resulting from Steve's dissertation was selected as a finalist for the Daniel H. Wagner prize for excellence in operations research practice. Steve is a Technical Director of Operations Research at the U.S. Army's Center for Army Analysis (CAA) in Ft. Belvoir, Virginia and a retired Colonel.

Masters Students

  1. Steven Ruppert (2014, CSM).
  2. Daniel Pascua [co-advised] (2013, CSM).
  3. Dean Simmons (2006,CSM).
  4. Andrew Johnson (2005,CSM).
  5. Lin Zhu (2001, CSM).
  6. Rui Lopes (2000, UTSI).
  7. Larry Cunningham (2000, UTSI).
  8. Cheng Yu (2000, UTSI).
  9. Carl Shetters (1999, UTSI).
  10. Erica Wilson(1996, UTSI).
  11. Richard Tito(1996, UTSI).
  12. Evan Reynolds(1994, UTSI).
  13. George Blust(1994, UTSI).

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