Physics 530, Fall 2013: Statistical Mechanics

D. M. Wood
Office: Meyer Hall 454
Phone: (303) 273-3853
e-mail: dmwood@Mines.EDU

Office hours and help session

Syllabus and text errata

If you forgot to pick up a problem set or handout, retrieve it from the list below and print it out. Let me know if you have difficulties with any PDF file.

Lecture notes

Introduction to ideas and thermo

Review of thermodynamics

Non-Sethna stat mech

Sethna stat mech

Phase transitions, Ginzburg-Landau

Figures used for examples

Within each file, figures are in no particular order, alas.

Homework assignments

Homework 1, due Tuesday, September 3
Homework 2, due Tuesday, September 10
Homework 3, due Tuesday, September 17
Homework 4, due Tuesday, September 24
Homework 5, due Tuesday, October 1
Homework 6, due Tuesday, October 8
Homework 7, due Tuesday, October 15
Homework 8, due Tuesday, October 29
Fortran 90 source code; Input file for code
Random seeds file for code
Homework 9, due Tuesday, November 5
Homework 10, due Tuesday, November 12; Human hemoglobin data file
Homework 11, due Tuesday, November 19
Homework 12, due Tuesday, December 4

Practice Exams


Useful math tricks
Notes on Metropolis Monte Carlo

Useful Mathematica Notebooks

Note: If you choose to use these Mathematica Notebooks as templates for a solution you turn in, please observe the following rules: These Notebooks will display as text files. Save them as .nb files so you can run them.

Sample non-linear fits [SampNLFit.nb]; Sample non-linear fit data []

Importance sampling MC

ListAutoCorrelation example

Using Mathematica

CSM Field Session tutorial

Wolfram screencast of Basics of Mathematica version 7

Wolfram hands-on learners tutorial screencast

Wolfram screencasts for accomplishing common tasks

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