Possible Projects

No matter what you choose, inorder to do your class project you will need to simplify, simplify, simplify and then simplify some more.

Some possibilities via browsing classroom materials

Ground-Water Models. Volume I, Concepts, Problems and Methods of Analysis with Examples of their Application. J.D. Bredehoeft et al. UNESCO Press, France, 1982. 235 pp. Studies and Reports in Hydrology No. 34.70.00 FF. ISBN 92-3-102006-4.

Colorado Groundwater Atlases

Some possibilities by Topic (surf the web for a summary report on hydrogeology of a site you could model)

Rocky Mountain Arsenal (CO)

Rocky Flats (CO)

Woburn, (MA): A Civil Action, Beatrice Foods

USGS RASA studies (US)

USGS Toxics Program (US) remember to focus on the flow aspects

Floridian Aquifer (FL)

Ogalala Aquifer (Midwest)

Some possibilities via the web (use these to search for a summary report on hydrogeology of a site you could model)

MMR from the USGS Toxics Program http://ma.water.usgs.gov/capecodtoxics/army_mod.html

Edwards Aquifer & Barton Springs Online Resources http://tx.usgs.gov/projects/aquifer_springs/

The High Plains Aquifer http://ne.water.usgs.gov/html/hpactivities.htm

Methow River Basin (WA) http://wa.water.usgs.gov/projects/methow/

West Central Nevada (NV) http://pubs.usgs.gov/wri/wri014220/

Yakima River Basin (WA) http://wa.water.usgs.gov/projects/yakimagw/

General USGS Groundwater Information OGW

Some possibilities in PDF format

Turley Creek Basin (CO) TurkeyCreekBasinReport.pdf (10Mb)

Denver Basin (CO) DenverBasinReport.pdf (22Mb) associated plates (8Mb)

AFB (MA) OtisReport.pdf (15Mb)

Bunker Hill (CA) BunkerHillReportDanskin.pdf
(28Mb) Plate1 (2Mb) Plate2 (<1Mb)

Some possibilities at the CSM Library

Plugging a Mining Tunnel Near Leadville (CO) Thesis: Stephanie Ashley, Evaluation of Alternative Conceptual Models for Response of the Ground Water Flow System to Plugging of the Dinero Tunnel, Leadville, CO.

Stream Aquifer Interaction on CSM Campus Theses:
Steven Lindblom,1997, Stream aquifer interaction in an ephemeral stream near Golden, Colorado
Steven Hannula, 1995, Temporal and spatial variations of hydraulic conductivity in a stream bed in Golden, Colorado
Lisa Bissett, 1994, Field assessment of stream/aquifer interaction under semi-arid conditions and problems with computer representation
Evan Anderman, 1993, Stream-aquifer interaction in the Denver Basin