The need to harvest, convert, and store energy remains one of the greatest challenges facing the scientific community today. Our research addresses this need, bridging solid state physics, materials science and inorganic chemistry. We are currently focusing on controlling the transport properties of non-traditional thermoelectric and photovoltaic materials. From these materials, we develop and test prototype systems to validate material performance metrics.

  Eric Toberer    PDF version of my CV
  Assistant Professor
  Dept. of Physics
  Colorado School of Mines
  Joint appointment:
National Center for Photovoltaics
National Renewable Energy Laboratory


Notable Events

Toberer received the 2015 Cotrell Scholar Award!

For recent papers: Google Scholar homepage

Current support for our work:

ARPA-E - High Temperature, High Efficiency Solar Thermoelectric Generators
Lead PIs: David Ginley, Eric Toberer (renewed!)
Institutions: NREL, CSM, Halotechnics, Marlow Industries

NSF DMREF - Computationally Driven Targeting of Advanced Thermoelectric Materials
Lead PI: Eric Toberer, co-PIs: Vladan Stevanovic, Qin Lv, Thomas Mason, Scott Barnett
Institutions: CSM, CU Boulder, Northwestern

RCSA - Spectrum Splitting for Low-Cost Hybrid PV/Solar Thermal Generation
PIs: Michael Bartl, Benjamin Lear, Adele Tamboli, Eric Toberer
Institutions: U. Utah, CSM, Penn State

RCSA - Selenide Solar Absorbers for Tandem Silicon Photovoltaics
PIs: Joan Redwing, Adele Tamboli, Chito Kendrick, Eric Toberer
Institutions: CSM, Penn State, Michigan Tech

DOE/NREL - Cu-based Absorbers for Photovoltaics
PIs: Eric Toberer, Andriy Zakutayev
Institutions: CSM, NREL

DOE/NREL - LDRD Next-Generation Thermoelectric Materials for Direct Solar Power Conversion
PIs: Eric Toberer, Andriy Zakutayev, Phil Parilla, Stephan Lany, David Ginley
Institutions: CSM, NREL

DOE/NREL - LDRD Epitaxial ZnSiP2/Si Tandem Solar Cells
PIs: Eric Toberer, Paul Stradins, Andrew Norman, Adele Tamboli
Institutions: CSM, NREL


Positions Available

Fall 2015: Senior design students should contact me via email over the summer to discuss possible projects.