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Optoelectronic materials:

"Synthesis, structure, and optoelectronic properties of II–IV–V2 materials "

A. Martinez, A. N. Fioretti, E. S. Toberer, A. C. Tamboli (2017)

"A review of defects and disorder in multinary tetrahedrally bonded semiconductors materials"

L. L Baranowski, P. Zawadzki, S. Lany, E. S Toberer, and A. Zakutayev (2016)



Thermoelectric materials:

"Materials Aspect of Thermoelectricity"

Chapter 1:
Discovery and Design of New Thermoelectric Materials (2016)
E. S. Toberer, P. Gorai, and V. Stevanovic

Chapter 19:
Recent Progress in Skutterudites (2016)
G. J. Snyder, Y. Tang, C. M. Crawford, and E. S. Toberer


"Thermoelectric Materials and Devices"

Chapter 1:
Zintl Phases: Recent Developments in Thermoelectrics and Future Outlook (2016)
S. M. Kauzlarich, A. Zevalkink, E. S. Toberer and G. J. Snyder


"Virtual Issue on Thermoelectric Materials"

K. Kovnir and E. S. Toberer (2016)

"Accelerating Functional Materials Discovery"

J. Rondinelli, N. Benedek, D. E. Freedman, A. Kavner, E. Rodriguez, E. S. Toberer, L. W. Martin (2013)

"Advances in thermal conductivity"

E. S. Toberer, L. L. Baranowski, C. Dames (2012)

"Phonon engineering through crystal chemistry"

E. S. Toberer, A. Zevalkink, G. J. Snyder (2011)


"Zintl chemistry for designing high efficiency thermoelectric materials"

E. S. Toberer, A. F. May, G. J. Snyder (2010)

"Complex thermoelectric materials"

G. J. Snyder and E. S. Toberer (2008)

Nature Materials


Porous materials

"Spontaneously formed porous and composite materials"

S. A. Corr, D. P. Shoemaker, E. S. Toberer, R. Seshadri (2010)


"Template-free routes to porous inorganic materials"

E. S. Toberer and R. Seshadri (2006)