The primary pedagogical thrust within the group is the development of non-traditional methods for upper division curriculum. While lower division curriculum (eg Physics I and II) are now regularily taught in an interactive fashion, upper division curriculum within Physics largely continues to utilize a traditional lecture format. The pedagogical challenge is to adapt these active learning approaches to curriculum that is fundamentally quite challenging.

In our group, we have developed a 'partially-flipped' classroom, where students watch short screencasts before class that deliver part of the daily course content. In class time is used for discussion of the screencasts, case examples, the presentation of additional material in a lecture format, and short experiments/demonstrations. We will continue to add videos and associated supplemental material in each iteration of this class. If you have any comments on the partial-flipped classroom or the videos, please send me an email.

Solid State Physics

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Interdisciplinary Silicon Processing Laboratory

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