The Toberer group works extensively with undergraduate researchers. Every semester, we have several senior design students in the lab. Additional CSM undergraduates may be involved through paid research positions or independent study. Contact Eric ( if you are interested in these opportunities.

To support community college transfer students, the Toberer group founded the Bridge Opportunities for Transfer Student Success (BOTS) program. This program provides a 10 week authentic research experience for transfer students admitted to CSM. We're also involved in the REMRSEC REU program, which provides a similar experience for undergraduates from other universities.

Design and implementation of femtosecond pulsed laser deposition chamber

Zach Simons   Senior Design   2016
Michael Kossyrev   Senior Design   2016

Design and implementation of high temperature Seebeck & Hall measurement system

David Ademe   BOTS   2016
Lam Mac   Summer Research & Semester research   2014-2015
Jaime Corchado   BOTS & Semester research   2012-2013
Jeff Munn   Summer Research & Senior Design   2011
Zach Boerner   Senior Design   2011

Charge transport calculations in non-parabolic bands

Daniel Dubuisson   Senior Design   2015
Kyle Conrad   Senior Design   2011
Michael Dixon   Senior Design   2011

Synthesis and optoelectronic characterization of ZnSiP2 single crystals

Rachel Mow   Summer research (REU)   2015
Kirstine Dalgaard   Visitor (U. Aarhus, Denmark)   2015
Kira Ragazzo   Summer research (REU)   2015
Jennifer Buechler   Summer research & Senior design   2012
Brenden Ortiz   Summer research & Senior design   2012
Nicole Johnson   Summer research & Senior design   2011-2013

Synthesis and thermoelectric characterization of inorganic materials

Armando Lopez   BOTS & Summer research   2014-2016

Design and implementation of concentrated solar simulator

Ryan Bull   Senior design   2013
Cody Foster   Senior design   2013
Ryan Kubistekl   Senior design   2013

Measurement and modeling of minority carrier lifetimes in photovoltaics

Matt Mahaffey   Summer research & Senior design   2014
Walter Schlosser   Senior design   2014
Derek Greer   Senior design   2014
Ben Kostreva   Summer research & Senior design   2014

Latent heat storage via molten aluminum alloys

Chamai Shahim   BOTS   2015
Kirk Smith   Summer Research (REU)   2015

Modeling & construction of magnetic Halbach arrays

Joshua McNeely   Senior Design   2015

Cubesat design (with Payam Nayeri, Mech E.)

Tyler Croteau   Senior Design   2015



Chamai Shahim   Jaime Corchado   Kirk Smith
Kirstine Dalgaard   Armando Lopez