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Geoff Brennecka



  • MTGN272:
    Particulate Materials Processing (Field Session)
  • MTGN412/MLGN512:
    Introduction to Ceramic Engineering
  • MTGN466:
    Materials Design: Synthesis, Characterization, and Selection (Senior Design)


    My group is interested in a wide variety of problems that can be solved (or at least addressed) through the enabling capabilities of advanced ceramic materials. In particular, our work tends to focus on materials that do something interesting under an applied electric field (e.g., dielectrics, piezoelectrics, ferroelectrics). We are especially interested in the dynamic response to electric field, from nanosecond processes (e.g., ferroelectric polarization reversal and domain wall dynamics) to long-term defect migration and associated degradation and reliability issues, particularly under challenging (e.g., high temperature, high electric field) operating conditions. Of course it is a rare case when a single stand-alone material is the solution to any engineering problem, so clever processing to enable fabrication and integration of these functional materials into useful devices and systems underlies all of our research.

    Functional Ceramics Group

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Some Representative Publications

  • R. Kirchhofer, D.R. Diercks, B.P. Gorman, J.F. Ihlefeld, P.G. Kotula, C.T. Shelton, and G.L. Brennecka, Quantifying Compositional Homogeneity in Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 Using Atom Probe Tomography, Invited Feature Article with Cover Art, J. Am. Ceram. Soc., in press (2014).
  • N. Triamnak, G.L. Brennecka, H.J. Brown-Shaklee, M.A. Rodriguez, and D.P. Cann, Phase formation of BaTiO3 - Bi(Zn1/2Ti1/2)O3 perovskite ceramics, J. Ceram. Soc. Jpn., 122[4] 260-266 (2014).
  • R.J. Bondi, M.P. Desjarlais, A.P. Thompson, G.L. Brennecka, and M.J. Marinella, Electrical Conductivity in Oxygen-Deficient Phases of Tantalum Pentoxide from First-Principles Calculations, J. Appl. Phys., 114 203701 (2013).
  • N.W. Moore, H.J. Brown-Shaklee, M.A. Rodriguez, and G.L. Brennecka, Optical anisotropy near the relaxor-ferroelectric phase transition in lanthanum lead zirconate titanate, J. Appl. Phys., 114 053515 (2013).
  • K. Nittala, S. Mhin, K.M. Dunnigan, D.S. Robinson, J.F. Ihlefeld, P.G. Kotula, G.L. Brennecka, and J.L. Jones, Phase and texture evolution in solution deposited lead zirconate titanate thin films: Formation and role of the Pt3Pb intermetallic phase, J. Appl. Phys., 113 244101 (2013).
  • L.J. Small, M.T. Brumbach, C.A. Apblett, J.F. Ihlefeld, G.L. Brennecka, and D.J. Duquette, On the Degradation Processes of Thin Film PZT in 0.1 N H2SO4, J. Electrochem. Soc., 160[3] C128-C135 (2013).
  • N. Raengthon, V.J. DeRose, G.L. Brennecka, and D.P. Cann, Defect Mechanisms in High Resistivity BaTiO3 - Bi(Zn0.5Ti0.5)O3 Ceramics, Appl. Phys. Lett., 101, 112904 (2012).
  • K. Nittala, S. Mhin, J.L. Jones, D.S. Robinson, J.F. Ihlefeld, and G.L. Brennecka, In situ X-ray diffraction of solution-derived ferroelectric thin films for quantitative phase and texture evolution measurement, J. Appl. Phys., 112, 104109 (2012).
  • C.T. Shelton, P.G. Kotula, G.L. Brennecka, P.G. Lam, K.E. Meyer, J.-P. Maria, B.J. Gibbons, and J.F. Ihlefeld, Chemically Homogeneous Complex Oxide Thin Films Via Improved Substrate Metallization, Featured on the Journal Cover, Adv. Funct. Mater., 22[11] 2295-2302 (2012).
  • G.L. Brennecka, J.F. Ihlefeld, J.-P. Maria, B.A. Tuttle and P.G. Clem, Processing Technologies for High Permittivity Thin Films in Capacitor Applications, Invited Feature Article with Cover Art, J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 93 [12] 3935-54 (2010).

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