EGGN315 - Engineering Dynamics - Spring 1998


Dr. Graham Mustoe, Room BB 249., Tel: 273-3661,

Dr. Duane Haugen, Room BB 258., Tel: 273-3406,

Text: Vector Mechanics for Engineers - Dynamics, Beer & Johnson, 6th. Edition.


Students should acquire the following knowledge and skills:

· Understand the basic principles of particle and rigid body dynamics.

· Ability to apply the principles of dynamics to solve basic engineering problems with analytic and numerical solution techniques.

· Use of particle and rigid body dynamics in the context of their usage in engineering.

Prerequisites: A good working knowledge of the following topics is required:

· Statics - free body diagrams, forces, friction, moments of inertia, etc.

· Vector algebra - geometrical properties and their usage in statics.

· Introductory particle and rigid body dynamics.

· Ability to use spreadsheets and a computer programming language for graphics and numerical calculations.

For hints on problem solving strategies for particle dynamics problems take a look here.

Special Analysis Problems:

An example model solution for a generic special analysis problem based upon problem 15.C1 in the Beer and Johnson textbook can be reviewed here.