GPGN 507 - Fall Semester

Near Surface Field Methods

  • Past Courses: Fall, 2000 (every other year, even years)
  • Next taught Fall 2002



    Weekly Topics:
    -Near surface problems: review of applications to environmental, engineering, agriculture, archaeology, forensics, and more
    -Case histories, Expert systems, Education and Translation between Disciplines
    -How to setup a problem and design a survey
    -Sampling, Errors and Consequences
    -Environmental problems: LNAPLS
    -Environmental problems: DNAPLS
    -Engineering problems: utility detection, subsidence into voids
    -Engineering problems: dams & foundations, corrosion
    -Archaeology problems
    -Planetary Geophysics: finding water on Mars
    -Ground water
    -Agriculture problems
    -Land mines and unexploded ordnance
    -Oral Project Presentations

    25% class participation & homework
    25% oral project reports
    50% written project reports