GPGN 521 - Spring Semester

  • Advanced Electrical and Electromagnetic Methods: Complex Resistivity
  • Past Courses: Spring, 1998 (every other year)
  • Next taught Spring 2002



    Weekly Topics:
    -Linear Electrical Properties and Processes
    -Basic Electrochemistry
    -Nonlinear Complex Resistivity
    -Laboratory Complex Resistivity
    -Basic Field Arrays and Practices
    -Inductive Coupling
    -Noise and Interferences
    -Data Processing
    -Borehole and Hole-to-Hole
    -Case Histories: Mining
    -Case Histories: Environmental
    -Case Histories: Corrosion and Geotechnical
    -Oral Project Presentations

    25% class participation & homework
    25% oral project reports
    50% written project reports