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CSCI 473/573: Human-Centered Robotics

Alderson Hall 230, Tue/Thurs 8:00--9:15 AM, Spring 2019

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Course Description: This course focuses on the emerging field of Human-Centered Robotics (HCR), bridging together research and application of methodology from robotics, human-machine interaction, and cognitive psychology. This course covers basic concepts and computational models of 3D sensing, robot learning and cognition to perceive humans, understand human behaviors, and decision making and planning in response to humans or environment events. Evaluation will be through multiple projects. Most of the course projects involve programming.

Prerequisites: CSCI 262 (Data Structure) and MATH 201 (Probability and Statistics). The ability to program using C++ or Python in Ubuntu is also required.

Instructor: Prof. Hao Zhang

Teaching Assistant: Brian Reily
Last updated: 01/07/2019