Introduction to Nuclear Reactor Physics

TRIGA Reactor Core

James A. McNeil (Spring 2008)
Office: Meyer 325
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Office hours: Mon.-Thurs. 1:00 - 2:00 (or by appointment)

Zeev Shayer (Spring 2009)
Office: Hill Hall
Office hours: By appointment

Text: Lamarsh and Baratta, Introduction to Nuclear Engineering, 3ed., Prentice-Hall

Course Learning Objectives: To provide an introduction the basic physics and engineering principles involved in nuclear energy. Topics include nuclear constituents, forces, structure, energetics, decay, and reactions; interaction of radiation with matter, nuclear cross sections, fission processes, neutron-induced processes, criticality, reactor principles, neutron diffusion, reactor design, dynamics, operation, licensing, and safety.

Course Format: This class meets weekly Tues. 1-4

Homework: Students are encouraged to work together, but, as for any graded assignment, the product you turn in must reflect your own understanding of the problem.

(A: 90-100%, B: 80-89%, C: 70-79%, D: 60-69%, F: <59%)

1. Homework: 25%
2. Project: 25%
3. Exams: 50%

Mathematica Notebooks:

Neutron Diffusion
1-group Flux Profile
2-group Flux Profile
Temperature dependence of resonance capture
Reactor Kinetics
Fuchs Model for Pulsing the GSTR
Xe Poisoning in the GSTR

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