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Josh Browning

  • Applied Mathematics and Statistics
  • Colorado School of Mines
    Golden, CO 80401


  • BS. Engineering Physics, Colorado School of Mines (2007)
  • MS. Applied Mathematics, University of Colorado at Denver (2009)
  • Ph.D. Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Colorado School of Mines (in progress)
    Advisor Amanda Hering

Research Interests

  • Spatial statistics and computational methods for efficiently analyzing large spatial datasets.


    (Last updated June 02, 2014)


  • Browning, J. M. and Hering, A. S. (2014). "Simultaneous treatment of random and systematic errors in the historical radiosonde temperature archive." In Preparation.
  • Ying, S., Browning, J. M., and Hering, A. S. (2014). "Robust bivariate error detection in skewed data with application to historical radiosonde winds." In Preparation.
  • Anderson, A. N., Browning, J. M., Comeaux, J., Hering, A. S., and Nychka, D. (2014). "A simulation study to compare statistical quality control methods for error detection in historical radiosonde temperatures." Submitted.
  • Browning, J. M., Cameron, P. J., & Wanless, I. M. (2014). "Bounds on the number of small Latin subsquares." Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A, 124, 41-56.
  • Browning, J., Stones, D. S., & Wanless, I. M. (2013). "Bounds on the number of autotopisms and subsquares of a Latin square." Combinatorica, 33(1), 11-22.
  • Browning, J. M., Vojtechovský, P., & Wanless, I. M. (2010). "Overlapping latin subsquares and full products." Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae, 51(2), 175-184.


  • snht: Computes the Standard Normal Homogeneity Test, which searches for change points in a time series. Additionally, the pairwise SNHT method is implemented, which locates changepoints in multiple adjacent time series. Note: the package is currently in the process of uploading to CRAN.

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