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Planetary Geophysics Lab

Colorado School of Mines
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Jeff Andrews-Hanna
Associate Research Prof.
Dept of Geophysics
Green Center, Rm 280K

Field trip
"If you want to gear the planets that revolve around the Sun,
We'll do the job up nicely, and we'll only call it fun,
And if you want a bridge to Mars, or a ten-foot shaft to hell,
We're the engineers of a thousand years and we'll do the job right well!"
(Colorado School of Mines "Fight" Song)

Pictured (L-R): Dave Horvath, Hank Cole, Johanna "JJ" Jansen, Jeff Andrews-Hanna, and Stevie Francies

NOTE: I have now resigned from my Associate Professor position at Mines and taken a new job at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, CO. I continue to advise my graduate students as an Associate Research Professor, but I am no longer taking on new students or teaching. I am still happy to talk to students, so don't hesitate to contact me.

Welcome to the Planetary Geophysics Lab in the Department of Geophysics at the Colorado School of Mines. We focus on the study of the geology, geophysics, and geodynamics of the planets. Active areas of research include the tectonic and geodynamic evolution of Mars, Martian groundwater flow, the crustal structure of Mars and the Moon, and the structure of impact basins.

I am in Green Center room 280K on the Colorado School of Mines campus. Please feel free to drop by and say hello!

TRAVEL SCHEDULE: No updates at this time.

Three puzzles and an enigma: Conjunction of the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, and the Colorado School of Mines "M" on December 1st, 2008. The Moon, Venus, and the moons of Jupiter represent some of the diverse questions in planetary geophysics. The "M" represents one question: What possessed a bunch of geologists and engineers to carry a ton of whitewashed stones up a mountain to build a giant glowing "M" 100 years ago? (Image credit: J. Andrews-Hanna)


10/2/14 Recent GRAIL results revealing a system of buried rift valleys on the Moon have been published in Nature
See some of the press here.

1/5/14 Check out our group's abstracts for the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference on:
The hydrology of lakes on Saturn's moon Titan
GRAIL gravity and density variations in the lunar crust
GRAIL gravity and the Procellarum region of the Moon

7/3/13 Check out Yaser Kattoum's paper in press on the Orientale basin on the Moon in press in Icarus

1/22/13 Big congratulations to Ezgi Karasozen on her succesful MS defense today!

1/8/13 My GRAIL paper on ancient igneuous intrusions on the Moon is now published in Science. Be sure to check out all three GRAIL papers in this issue.

1/7/13 Our analysis of the volcanic history of Olympus Mons is now published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters. This was the work of undergraduate interns Ryan Isherwood, JJ Jansen, and Lauren Jozwiak.

11/10/12 Check out my new paper in Icarus revealing the origin of the large gravity anomalies in lunar impact basins here

For more news and notes from our group, check out the News page.