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10/2/14 Recent GRAIL results revealing a system of buried rift valleys on the Moon have been published in Nature
See some of the press here.

1/5/14 Check out our group's abstracts for the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference on:
The hydrology of lakes on Saturn's moon Titan
GRAIL gravity and density variations in the lunar crust
GRAIL gravity and the Procellarum region of the Moon

7/3/13 Check out Yaser Kattoum's paper in press on the Orientale basin on the Moon in press in Icarus

1/22/13 Big congratulations to Ezgi Karasozen on her succesful MS defense today!

1/8/13 My GRAIL paper on ancient igneuous intrusions on the Moon is now published in Science. Be sure to check out all three GRAIL papers in this issue.

1/7/13 Our analysis of the volcanic history of Olympus Mons is now published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters. This was the work of undergraduate int erns Ryan Isherwood, JJ Jansen, and Lauren Jozwiak.

12/5/12 See new results from the GRAIL mission in my paper published on-line in Science Express

11/10/12 Check out my new paper in Icarus revealing the origin of the large gravity anomalies in lunar impact basins, available here

10/4/12 Congrats to Yaser Kattoum for his successful MS defense today!

6/29/12 Check out the highlight of my Valles Marineris papers in Science

6/23/12 Congrats to PGL alum Kelsey Zabrusky on the publcation of her first paper, "Reconstructing the the distribution and depositional history of the sedimentary deposits of Arabia Terra, Mars"

6/20/12 The third and final paper in my series on the formation of Valles Marineris is now published: The formation of Valles Marineris - 3

4/28/12 The first two installments of my Tolkien-esque trilogy of papers on the formation of Valles Marineris are now published in JGR-Planets. This trilogy has it all... a mountain of doom (Tharsis), a ring of power (the dichotomy), only the hobbits are missing.
     The formation of Valles Marineris - 1
     The formation of Valles Marineris - 2
      Stay tuned for the final installment...

4/20/12 Check out my paper with MIT student Junlun Li on the density of Mars' south polar layered deposits here

4/14/12 See my Early Mars Conference abstract with post-doc Alejandro Soto on the formation of the Gale Crater sedimentary deposit at the MSL landing site here

4/11/12 See my comments in this Nature News article

4/8/12 See my LPSC talk highlighted on the AGU Blog here

2/6/12 Check out the 2012 LPSC abstracts by our group:
    Climate and hydrology of the MSL landing site (J Andrews-Hanna) link
    Gravity anomalies of lunar basins (J Andrews-Hanna) link
    The South Tharsis Ridge Belt on Mars (E Karasozen) link
    Lunar basin ring structures seen in gravity (Y Kattoum) link

12/17/11 Kelsey Zabrusky officially graduated today, becoming the first PGL alumnus. Undergrad researcher Ryan Isherwood also graduated. Congrats Kelsey and Ryan!

6/24/11 Big congratulations to PGL student Kelsey Zabrusky for winning the Dwornik award for best oral presentation at the 2011 Lunar and Planetary Science Conference! See her abstract here

5/23/11 Congratulations to PGL student Kelsey Zabrusky for her succesfull MS thesis defense today!

4/25/11 Congratulations to PGL student Brian Davis for placing 1st in the CSM Graduate Research Fair poster competition!

4/25/11 Check out the paper in Science Express by Roger Phillips and co-authored by Brian Davis on the discovery of a vast reservoir of CO2 ice buried in the south polar layered deposits of Mars.

4/25/11 See my abstract with Thomas Monecke (CSM Geology) and others on new evidence for water in the lunar interior (abstract)

2/24/11 My new paper on the early hydrology of Mars is now published in JGR- Planets < link

Check out the group's abstracts at the 2011 LPSC conference:
    Sedimentary deposits on Mars (Kelsey Zabrusky) link
    Erosion and uplift in Valles Marineris (Brian Davis) link
    Olympus Mons paleo-topography (Lauren Jozwiak and Ryan Isherwood) link
    The formation of Valles Marineris (Jeff Andrews-Hanna) link
    Lunar multi-ring basins (Jeff Andrews-Hanna) link
    CRISM analysis of sedimentary deposits (Wiseman and Andrews-Hanna et al.) link
    Titan's lakes (Mitchell and Andrews-Hanna et al.) link

New paper on the global hydrology of Mars (part 2) now in press in JGR-planets: (pdf). This paper examines the global hydrological evolution of Mars, considering the effects of long-term climate change and forcing driven by the orbital evolution of the planet.

See my paper on the hydrology of Mars and the origin of the Meridiani Planum playa deposit in JGR-Planets (link)

Congratulations to grad student Kelsey Zabrusky for placing third in the CSM Graduate Student Research Fair poster competition

Check out paper with MIT graduate student Alex Evans on erosion in Arabia Terra, Mars < (link)

Check out the recent abstracts by our group at the 2010 Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, on the hydrology of Mars (link), the origin of Arabia Terra on Mars (link), and the sedimentary deposits of Arabia Terra (link).

See my work featured on a Discovery Channel documentary (link)

Paper on the hydrology of Mars and the origin of the Meridiani Planum evaporites now in press in JGR-Planets (link)

The new undergraduate Area of Special Interest in "Space and Planetary Science and Engineering" at CSM has been approved. See here for more details, or read the article in the CSM Oredigger

Paper on eliptical impact basins now in press in GSA Special Papers (pdf)

See my recent paper featured in Discover magazines top 100 stories of 2008 (link).

National Geographic highlights my presentation at the 2008 American Geophysical Union (link).

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