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Colorado School of Mines
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Jeff Andrews-Hanna
Associate Research Prof.
Dept of Geophysics
Green Center, Rm 280K

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JAH_portrait Jeff Andrews-Hanna (contact)
Jeff is an Associate Research Professor here in the Geophysics Department, after serving for 7.5 years as an Assistant and then Associate Professor. He now works as a staff scientist at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, CO. His research interests are in the areas of the geodynamics, tectonics, and crustal structure of Mars and the Moon, and the hydrology and climate evolution of Mars and Titan. He received is BA in astronomy from Cornell, his PhD in Earth and Planetary Science from Washington University in St Louis working with Roger Phillips, and did a post-doc at MIT with Maria Zuber.
Alex_portrait Alex Evans - Postdoc
Alex joined the group in the fall of 2015, after getting his PhD from MIT and a post-doc at Columbia. Alex is working with GRAIL data and studying the geodynamics of the Moon and Mercury.
David_portrait David Horvath - Graduate student
David joined the group in the Fall of 2011, after getting his Bachelors degree from St Mary's University and working at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio. His research focuses on the hydrology of Saturn's moon Titan.
JJ_portrait Johanna Jansen - Graduate student
JJ joined the group in the Fall of 2012 after getting her bachelors degree at Utrecht University. She is studying the gravity field of the Moon using data from NASA's GRAIL mission.
Tyler_portrait Tyler Meng - Graduate student
Tyler joined the group in the Fall of 2015 after getting her bachelors degree at Mines. He is studying recent martian volcanism.
Hank_portrait Hank Cole - Undergraduate Research Assistant
Hank joined the group as an RA in the summer of 2013. He is studying martian tectonics.
Past group members:
Alejandro_portrait Alejandro Soto - Postdoc
Alejandro joined the group in 2012, after finishing his PhD at Caltech. His research focused on the climate evolution of Mars, including the potential for the collapse of the CO2 atmosphere onto the polar caps, and the distribution of rainfall on early Mars. He is now at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, CO.
Stevie_portrait Stevie Francies - Graduate student
Stevie briefly joined the group in Fall of 2013.
Brian_portrait Brian Davis - Graduate student
Brian's research focused on the Valles Marineris canyons on Mars
Ezgi_portrait Ezgi Karasozen - Graduate student
Ezgi's MS work focused on the tectonics of the South Tharsis Ridge Belt on Mars. She is now pursuing a PhD with Ed Nissen.
Yaser_portrait Yaser Kattoum - Graduate student
Yaser defended his MS on lunar impact basins in the Fall of 2012. He now works for Chevron.
Jozwiak_portrait Ryan Isherwood - Undergraduate Research Assistant
Ryan was a Geophysics major who graduated in December of 2011. His research dealt with the Olympus Mons volcano on Mars.
Zabrusky_portrait Keslsey Zabrusky - Graduate student
Kelsey finished her masters degree in May of 2011. Her research was focused on reconstructing ancient sedimentary deposits on Mars. She now works for Gustavson Associates.
Jozwiak_portrait Lauren Jozwiak - Undergraduate summer intern
Lauren joined the group as a summer intern sponsored by the Colorado Space Grant through the Mines Summer Space Internship. She is an undergraduate student at MIT studying planetary science. Her work with the group focused on the vocanic history of the Olympus Mons shield volcano on Mars.
Hoopes_portrait Joyce Hoopes - Undergraduate student (2009-2010)
Joyce worked with the group as an undergraduate research assistant. Her work included analyzing MOLA topography data and high resolution images from the HiRISE camera to study sedimentary deposits on Mars, measuring martian faults in MOLA topography, and studying the topography and hydrology of Saturn's moon Titan.

Beyond Mines:
Graduate students
    Alex Evans (MIT)
    Junlun Li (MIT)
    Maria Zuber (MIT)
    Roger Phillips (SwRI)
    Ray Arvidson (Wash U)
    Sandra Wiseman (Wash U)
    Sarah Stewart (Harvard)
    Claire Newman (Ashima Research)
    Mark Richardson (Ashima Research)
    Alejandro Soto (Caltech)
    Karl Mitchell (JPL)
    Bryan Stiles (JPL)
    Kevin Lewis (Princeton)

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